Dixie Chicken

Dixie Chicken (Little Feat)

Numbered Edition 180-gram LP Sourced from Original Master Tapes
Stuffed with first-rate songwriting, humorous lyrics, and laidback funk, Dixie Chicken is Little Feat’s pinnacle studio album. The easygoing 1973 classic benefits from the arrival of three new musicians that fill out the band’s sound and expand the stylistic palette, resulting in a more diversified rhythmic foundation and instrumental support. In addition, Little Feat thoroughly embraces New Orleans-rooted R&B that makes the record eminently soulful—and enjoyable. In every sense, this is the epitome of early 70s American rock and roll—funny, smart, relaxing, cohesive, melodic, smooth, stylish, engaging. And essential.
Track Listing:
Dixie Chicken
Two Trains
Roll Um Easy
On Your Way Down
Kiss It Off
Fool Yourself
Walkin' All Night
Fat Man In the Bathtub
Lafayette Railroad

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