Waiting For Columbus

Waiting For Columbus (Little Feat)

Numbered Edition 180-gram 2 LP Sourced from Original Master Tapes
When you think about the great live albums, several immediately come to mind. The Who’s Live at Leeds. James Brown’s Live at the Apollo. The Allman Brothers Band’s Live at Fillmore East. Nirvana’s Unplugged. And, while it is sometimes unjustifiably forgotten, Little Feat’s Waiting for Columbus.

The last essential album the rootsy California band made, it stands as the group’s peak accomplishment—a staggering confluence of energetic performances, skilled improvisations, and thematic expansion. Joined onstage by the Tower of Power horn section, Little Feat accentuates and remakes familiar arrangements, using the stage as a laboratory for unbridled creativity, New Orleans-spiced fun, and spontaneous interaction.

Mobile Fidelity is proud to present Waiting for Columbus in the finest fidelity ever experienced so that you can get a clear sense of the virtuosic musical interplay.
Side One
1. "Join The Band" (Traditional) – 1:50
2. "Fat Man in the Bathtub" (George) – 4:50
3. "All That You Dream" (Barrère, Payne) – 4:25
4. "Oh Atlanta" (Payne) – 4:09
5. "Old Folks' Boogie" (Barrère, G. Barrère) – 4:22

Side Two
6. "Time Loves a Hero" (Barrère, Gradney, Payne) – 4:20
7. "Day or Night" (Payne, F. Tate) – 5:23
8. "Mercenary Territory" (George, E. George, Hayward) – 4:27
9. "Spanish Moon" (George) – 4:49

Side Three
10. "Dixie Chicken" (George, Kibbee) – 9:00
11. "Tripe Face Boogie" (Hayward, Payne) – 7:02
12. "Rocket in My Pocket" (George) – 3:42

Side Four
13. "Willin'" (George) – 4:42
14. "Don't Bogart That Joint" (E. Ingber, L. Wagner) – 0:57
15. "A Apolitical Blues" (George) – 3:41
16. "Sailin' Shoes" (George) – 6:18
17. "Feats Don't Fail Me Now" (Barrère, George, Kibbee) – 5:17

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